After School Care

Thank you to those who have returned the expressions of interest for the after school care program. Last week we met with the director of Camp Australia, who run after school care programs in 500 schools national-ly. We would like to invite interested parents go online to complete a detailed expression of interest that they will provide. Here is the link After School Care Survey



What a nice change we’ve had with this warmer weather.  We’ve been checking the sunsmart app and getting our UV reading each day.  At the moment it is on moderate and the Cancer Council recommends the children wear hats in the yard.  Please could you check if your child has a broad brimmed hat available.  Hats are available at the office if your child can’t find them.  Always write your child’s name on the inside as our school hats get mixed up. The cost at the moment is $9.50.

Gym program in full swing

The gym program is once again in full swing. At John Palmer’s gym at the YMCA the children have the best place to tumble, roll and back flip. In the 6 weeks they go our students develop great skills. Our weather has been cold and wet so this indoor activity is a real bonus and couldn’t come at a better time. We’ll be announcing the class times on this weeks newsletter so you can come and watch the last session. The children can’t wait to show you their new skills.

New School Banners.

At our recent ‘Bring Your 1st Teddy To School Day’ the Junior School Council raised over $160 in gold coin donations. The student leadership team have made a decision to purchase a new school banner and a new school lectern banner for assembly. On Monday the students were very proud to show off the new school banner that one of our talented mums, Mrs Geddes made for us. Here is a photo of it at it’s first outing:

Other than assembly, when can we use our beautiful new banner?

Our school is a community within a community.

Everyone can see the Epsom Community is growing in population and also in how spread our population lives. Epsom Primary School draws in children and their families from a vast area.  Our school values are also our community values and they are Respect, Care, Pride, Fairness and Co-operation.

This week I’ll be talking about Caring.  How do you care for our community at Epsom Primary school?  How do you show you care?  Helping is a great way to show you care.  If you see something that needs picking up or fixing why not take some action and help out.  It shows you care and gives you a great feeling to help others. Some daily things that need help and perhaps you could consider.  At the moment we have the yearly fall of leaves.  These become slippery for the children especially when they are running around. It would be great to see some people helping out by raking up or blowing the leaves into piles so we can use them on the garden beds.  Also rubbish is quite often thrown from cars along the front street so if you see any rubbish around it would be great if you could pick it up and place it in a bin.  Show you care by taking some action. How else can you show you care about our school?

Come and Try Morning May 23rd

On Thursday 23rd May Epsom Primary is having a come as you try day. We invite preschoolers who are deciding on their 2014 school to come and try out Epsom Primary School. Bring a friend with you and try out our Prep rooms. 10am-11am is the time for our trial on this day.

Parents are invited to wait in the multi purpose room and meet Kerry McGuffie our principal over coffee and morning tea.

We look forward to meeting you so why not come and check out Epsom Primary school.

The small school creating big futures.

Student Leadership Conference

On May 1st Mrs Davey took all of our student leadership team to the Capital Theatre for a leadership conference. This include our two school captains, our two vice captains and our eight junior school councillors. Our children learnt many leadership concepts about working as a team, analogies around Policemen Leaders, Firemen Leaders and Ambulance Leaders. there was loud, loud music and much fun had by all!

Epsom Primary School Adds more Support for Students

At Epsom we are fortunate that the incidences of bullying are rare but when they do occur and are reported they are not tolerated and are dealt with by staff immediately and proactively. To support this we have added a link Bullying under the links down the side of this page so students can report confidentially any acts of bullying in the school.

Remember bullying can be confused with conflict but is different as it is continuous over a period of time. “Bullying is when someone, or a group of people, deliberately upset or hurt another person or damage their property, reputation or social acceptance on more than one occasion. There is an imbalance of power in incidents of bullying with the bully or bullies having more power at the time due to age, size, status or other reasons.

So before a report is made consider if this is a bullying or a conflict situation.



Junior School Council Elections

The junior school council elections took place today and will be awarded tomorrow at an assembly.  Congratulations to our new Junior school councilors, they are Damon, Caitlin, Darcy G, Bevan, Jack B, Prue, Zoe, Jarrod, Lachlan G, Jess, Chloe and Lachlan H. Here is a picture of some of our junior leadership team counting the votes.